Visitors Information


The museum is opened to the public on all days other than Monday, Public Holidays from 8:30AM to 4:30PM.

Entrance Fee

Sri Lankan Adult - Rs. 120.00

Sri Lankan Child - Rs. 30.00

Foreigners - US$ 15.00

Foreigner Kids - US$ 10.00

* - A special rate of Rs.5 per child will be charged for all school children on educational tours provided they are attired in their respective school uniforms.

Important - The museum compound is clearly demarcated. Restricted areas of the Ratmalana Air Force Base are clearly marked; all visitors are strongly advised not to trespass into such restricted areas. Please check with the museum with regard to authorization and restrictions pertaining to photography and or making videos within the museum complex. These measures are in placed in order to ensure National Security and your well being.