Sri Lanka Air Force Museum is Sri Lanka's only national museum dedicated to the field of aviation as well as the history of the Sri Lanka Air Force (S.L.A.F.).

A visit to this establishment is sure to be a unique experience for aviation enthusiast of all ages. The museum offers a unique insight not only into the history of the S.L.A.F. but also a comprehensive picture of aviation in general including the basics of aviation technology.

Starting from the Royal Air Force (R.A.F.) operations during World War II to the combat operations of the S.L.A.F. in the recent past, the museum offers a detailed depiction of the evolution which has shaped the S.L.A.F. into the highly successful fighting force it is today.

The museum was first established as a fully fledged formation in 1993 as the Aircraft Preservation and Storage Unit at Air Force Base Ratmalana with the intention of preserving the history of aviation in Sri Lanka in general and the history of S.L.A.F. in particular. Further being located within an operational air base gives the museum a novel real life appeal.

The present form of the museum was initiated by Air Chief Marshal WDMRJ Goonetileke, the 13th Commander of the Sri Lanka Air Force, who initiated a special project in 2008 with the intention of modernizing the Museum. Under this project the Aircraft Preservation and Storage Unit which functioned as the custodian of the invaluable historical artifacts, at that time, was restructured as the Sri Lanka Air Force Museum and New Exhibits and facilities have been added to the Sri Lanka Air Force Museum to make it a very modern museum with up to date facilities.

Presently, under the continuous modernizing efforts, with the initiative and guidance of the present Commander Air Marshal HD Abeywickrama S.L.A.F. Museum has also taken steps to establish a comprehensive Aviation Research Reference Library, which will provide an opportunity for any aviation enthusiast or any other person who wishes to research on the field of aviation in the world as well as in Sri Lanka to refer the plethora of invaluable documents that will be made available to refer at the Library to carry out their study and satisfy their curiosity.

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